Burlington Sno-Snoopers

Welcome to the web site of the Burlington Sno-Snoopers Snowmobile Club, Inc. located in Western Racine County, WI.

Website Last Updated:  February  2nd , 2024

Burlington Sno-Snoopers trails are CLOSED 

Racine County Snow Phone: 262-554-0133

Club News: Next club meeting is Monday, February 19th, 7pm. Location is the DirtyHoe Saloon in Dover.

E-Mail: Sno-Snoopers@yahoo.com

Membership Chair, Jim McBryde  262-514-4442  snosnoopersmembership@gmail.com

Members, Carol Neumann has invited anyone interested to join her again in January or February for some up north riding. 

 I'm inviting club people up to the house. I can rent up at Park Falls. There's 3 bedrooms upstairs and a separate unit downstairs with 2 bedrooms... I have it reserved January 11th through the 15th and then February 22nd through the 26th.

Please call me with any questions. 




We have added a GPS tracking unit to our groomer. One advantage is that the company that leases the tracking unit provides an APP and website to see what trails have been groomed. The website can be found at gts.groomertrackingsystems.com/map . To get the APP, search the APP store on you phone for "Groomer Tracking Systems". It will work on both apple and android phones.

Sno-Snooper Members,

Our 2023/2024 season is upon us (even with no snow), which means it is time for our yearly Raffle. Tickets are printed and available for sale. 

The raffle is an important funding source for the club, especially in slow snow years. I encourage all members to participate by purchasing tickets, or by selling them. As in past years, tickets are $10.00 a piece.

The drawing will be held at our club meeting on Monday, February 19, 2024, at 7:30 pm.

If you would like to purchase tickets or pick them up, let me know and I will make arrangements.

Tickets will also be available at our club meeting on Monday, January 15th.

Thanks in advance for your participation, and thank you for being a member of the Burlington Sno-Snoopers Snowmobile Club.

Jim McBryde

Club Manager/Membership Chairperson

Burlington Sno-Snoopers


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