Trail Groomer

New Kubota Groomer in 2017.

In July 1999 the Sno-Snoopers purchased this 1975 Ski-Dozer 250 groomer with a Arrowhead 18 ft. drag. In 2017, the club sold the Ski-dozer and purchased a Kubota M126X power crawler. This 125 hp tractor is commonly used by many clubs in wisconsin as their primary groomer.

Our Club grooms 29 miles of Club trails. Before the trails are even put in, the trails are brushed or mowed, if necessary. Then, they are rolled with roller pulled behind the groomer. This is done to provide a superior trails for the public to enjoy.

We still have a couple of advertising spaces left to fill on the drag itself.

If you are interested in advertising on our groomer board, please e-mail us for more information!

Thanks to all our sponsors for their support!