The Burlington Sno-Snoopers Snowmobile Club, Inc. is located in Burlington, WI in Western Racine County. The Sno-Snoopers belong to the Racine County Snowmobile Alliance and we are 100% AWSC. The Sno-Snoopers incorporated in 1971. Incorporating provided immunity to landowners from lawsuits caused by accidents or property damage. Without incorporating, landowners would have closed the trails to snowmobiles. It is believed that both the RCSA and the AWSC by-laws were structured after the Sno-Snoopers by-laws.

The Burlington Sno-Snoopers were started in 1967 second to the Racine Eskimos. The Club started with under 20 members with husband and wife or family counted as one member. It is believed that the name "Sno-Snoopers" came about from the members who were "nosey" for the beauty and wonders of God's winter wonderland. The Club was started for the need of trails on private land and to organize against restrictive legislation. It is unknown at this point how many miles of trail the Sno-Snoopers started with, but the trails were dragged with bed springs/frames pulled by the bigger Evinrudes.