Here are some commonly asked questions and answers about snowmobile clubs. (updated 09/26/07)

If the trails you ride on are good, THANK THE SNOWMOBILE CLUBS!

If the trails you ride on are bad, join a club and VOLUNTEER!!!

By belonging to a club, you are helping to keep the sport as strong, as it is providing good trails and you are having fun by being with people who enjoy and understand the fun and fellowship of snowmobiling.

Q: Why should I join a club?

A: You should join a club and have more fun!!! You can get up to date information on snowmobiling, have a lot more fun, and Safety Education starts here!!!

Q: Who puts in the trails that we enjoy?

A: Clubs are responsible for installing, maintaining, and removing many of the trails we ride on.

Q: Why do snowmobile clubs exist?

A: Because we need to keep organized snowmobiling in our state.

Q: Who are members of the club?

A: Membership includes people from all walks of life. Many of which have incredibly valuable tuning and performance tips and experience.